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Take an scenic ride in Wrightwood, CaliforniaWhat does AdMo-Tours do?
AdMo-Tours is a travel agency and tour operator based in Wrightwood, California. Our goal is to provide motorcycle and dirt bike enthusiasts with all the information necessary to plan a great ride or vacation - whether that means finding a Harley-Davidson for you to rent in Barcelona, arranging a thrilling motorbike tour for you in Perú, or training you for a dirt bike ride in the Mojave Desert. AdMo's amazing staff and crew are here to help you make your riding dreams a reality!

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Rent a motorcycle in over 40 countriesTrying to find a rental motorcycle?
We offers over 400 different rental motorcycle models in 41 countries! If you're planning a trip to South America, we'll find you the best deal on BMWs in Buenos Aires or KTMs in Santiago. Planning to visit the USA? We've partnered up with rental stations in over 31 states, so you can book Yamahas in Seattle or Harleys in Miami.

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Take an exciting ride from Los Angeles to Las VegasWant to play in the dirt? Need training?
We offer single and multi-day guided dirt bike, dual sport and enduro motorcycle tours in California, Nevada, Arizona and Colorado. We specialize in trail and desert riding and offer dirt bike school and dirtbike rentals. This is a great year-round option to enrich your West Coast vacation with an epic ride!

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Book a motorcycle tour in British Colombia, CanadaDo you dream of touring the world on a motorcycle?
We invite you to join our adventure-filled guided motorcycle tours throughout countries we know and love. Imagine riding pristine backcountry roads through magnificent parts of the Alps, Dolomites, American Southwest, or Latin America. We want to show you fantastic biker paradises with high-quality services and a great variety of rental motorcycles.

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Book a motorcycle tour in ItalyPlanning a motorcycle vacation and have questions?
What's the climate like where I'm going? What are regulations for an International Motorcycle Driverís License? Can I use my ATM card at my vacation destination? How do I rent a car or motorcycle trailer? AdMo's friendly staff have years of experience answering questions about the details of international travel and motorcycle rentals and tours. Contact us day or night using our online contact form, or call us at +1-760-249-1105 Monday through Friday 9am-5pm PST.

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