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October 2014

The World on Two Wheels!
At the moment I'm packing up, because tomorrow we leave for our Northern Baja scouting tour through the harsh but beautiful Baja California. I'm looking forward to it! At ADMO, we are constantly looking to offer you new partner stations for rentals. Brazil and Singapore are the
latest and have very interesting rental destinations! See more information below. Recently,
Daniel Sedlak has joined our team! Don’t be surprised when the MX Pro welcomes you as your training coach :-)

Well, I have to go ride. Have a great time and drive safely. Talk to you soon.
One more thing... ADMO is now on Instagram ("admotours")!

Let us know your travel plans and send an email to: We are happy
to assist you. Sincerely, Uwe Diemer and his ADMO team!
New ADMO-Team member!
We are pleased to welcome a new team member: Daniel Sedlak!
Daniel is a professional motocross rider and has traveled around the world. Daniel will now conduct ADMO training in California and
Nevada. Do not miss this experience.
Read more about the Training>>>
See our Blog about Daniel>>>
New partner station in Brazil!
We have extended our South America offers and added Brazil to the program. Our partner station is located in Rio de Janeiro and offers Harley-Davidson, BMW and Triumph motorcycle for rent. Explore Brazil, with its countless sights, on two wheels!
Rental motorcycles in Singapore!
We have added a new location in Asia: Singapore! Worth a visit all year round. Rent a Harley-Davidson and discover this unique country.
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