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November 2013

The Living Desert!
Summer, sunshine, let’s ride dirt bike! Okay, I admit even in Southern California it isn’t summer right now. But it is about the best time to ride a dirt bike through the California sunshine. The Mojave Desert offers some pleasant temperatures around 68F throughout a typical winter’s day. This is the time when our tours go into high drive. We are guiding you through fun and adventurous terrain between Los Angeles and Las Vegas, across Death Valley National Park or on historical routes through the Mojave National Preserve. Combine your business trip with a day in the dirt. Our off road rides and tours start just about 60 miles outside of L.A. or 40 miles outside of Las Vegas. I have been riding various deserts around the world but the Mojave is one of my favorites. Maybe it is because of its proximity to civilization but yet it is so remote and wild. Don’t be stuck in the snow, try it yourself! You will find a selection of offers on our website - just click “Dirt Bike Services”. OR send us an email if you are looking for a family getaway, custom group tour or business  
Sincerely, Uwe Diemer and his ADMO team!

SoCal Escape
You want to see it all in one day? Escape with us to dirt bike heaven. We are riding the open desert with ample variety of hill climbs, dry lakebeds, sandy river washes, and mountain trails. The scenery throughout the desert and foothills is astonishing. The area boasts a number of famous motocross tracks and access to the biggest OHV riding areas the USA has to offer. Sign up for a SoCal Escape and you will get your fill of dirt biking!
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Recreational Dirt Bike Training
Under the umbrella of training we offer the opportunity for “test” riding. Bring your kids or friends and show them how much fun it can be to ride motorcycles. We teach recreational dirt bike riding in a professional way for Novice, Intermediate and Expert riders. Each training is held within a 25,000 acre open riding area offering just about any terrain one would find in the desert.

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Tumbleweed Tour
You may have noticed that we offer rides without accommodations and tours including accommodations. In each case you can add days to extend your off-road motorcycle experience. A fantastic starter is our Tumbleweed two-day tour. Enjoying unlimited riding options, from easy un-surfaced roads to rough single trails between desert valleys and mountains. We combine the rides with sightseeing options like Native American Petroglyphs, century-old mining camps and a modern airplane salvage facility.

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