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April 2014

Incredible motorcycle adventures!
Is it your dream to explore the world on a motorcycle? Fantastic landscapes are waiting for you: European Alps, the western United States, South America, Russia, and Africa! You simply need to decide whether you prefer a road, adventure, or off-road tour. What is the difference? Our road tours are 100% on asphalt and lead you to some of the most beautiful sights in the world. Adventure tours take you to the more remote places and landscapes no matter if the ride is on asphalt or some gravel and dirt roads. For off-road tours the route is the experience. We guide you through breathtaking scenery to places that you might not even find on the map - off the paved roads, off the beaten path. Experience your motorcycle tour with the camaraderie of small groups and like-minded people. Enjoy the ride; we'll take care of everything else.

Send us an email, we'll be happy to assist you in reserving your dream tour:

Sincerely, Uwe Diemer and his ADMO team!

Sequoia Tour
Summer is the ideal time to discover the giant redwoods. This tour gets you into mountains and canyons on narrow trails and curvy roads. Don’t miss this off-road experience through incredible scenery. Secure your place today:

Inca Tour
Join us for an adventure motorcycle tour through South America’s spectacular scenery. Ride the Atacama desert, the beaches of the Pacific, and the curvy roads through the Andes. Experience the land of the Incas in northern Chile and southern Peru. We are offering a special last minute deal. Book now and receive a 10% discount for the next tour from April 25 to May 09, 2014!

Croatia Island Hopping
Imagine riding the curves on 14 Croatian islands and seeing the spectacular views from narrow winding streets and romantic ferry rides. Each island tells its own story with its own attractions and traditions. Even the world famous Plitvice Lakes National Park is waiting for your visit. Find more details for this beautiful tour:

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