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January 2015
Spring is around the corner and the motorcycle season will start soon. We recommend taking some riding lessons to "warm up" again. We at AdMo-Tours enjoying riding off-road year around. Riding the dirt keeps you in shape! Riding off-road requires a whole set of different skills. So if you frequently ride your dirt bike you can handle pretty much any riding situation off and on the road.

For the others we have now extended our training program into five levels to match the skill level description of any of our tours. Join us during your business trip or holidays near Los Angeles or in the Las Vegas area. Read more about this offer below.

No matter which bike adventure you're planning in 2015 we will be happy to
assist you to make it a memorable experience. Send us an email to:

Sincerely, Uwe Diemer and his ADMO team!
Dirt Bike Training Level 1 - Level 5!

Level 1 – Beginner
Entry level dirt bike school: learn to control a motorcycle; riding positions; balance; etc.
Read more about level 1>>>

Level 2 - Novice
Recreational dirt bike motorcycle course to participate in day rides: learn dirt bike handling; terrain reading; braking without traction; etc.
Read more about level 2>>>

Level 3 - Intermediate
Dual sport training focused on improving your existing skills: learn improving safety to carry speed; faster controlled braking; footpeg weighting distribution; fixing a flat on the ride; etc.
Read more about level 3>>>

Level 4 - Advanced
In-depth dirt bike training to get comfortable for riding multi-day tours: balance, physics and speed to manage riders energy; orientation and navigation; obstacles, banked turns, rock steps, single tracks; etc.
Read more about level 4>>>

Level 5 - Expert
Intense rider class to prep riders for race events: nutrition – food and fluids; handling large rocky sections; rutted drops; tackling and crossing difficult obstacles; holeshot starts; etc.
Read more about level 5>>>
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