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April 2015

Good time for riding!
We have emerged from the winter! Today the thermometer climbed to 70° degrees Fahrenheit in
the valleys of the northern Alps. The pasture is turning into a sea of bright green with yellow dots, and dandelions are booming everywhere. Skiers are like an endangered species, with motorcycles swarming along the lower alpine roads like bees from a nest. Don’t be fooled we still have the cold Sophie around, and the old farmers say don’t plant anything before that date in May. Many high alpine passes are closed till the end of June… So for now, the best riding is in the Mediterranean. Allow some extra time to enjoy cruising Sardinia, the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. Take the next trip to Spain, where Andalusia is a great Motorcycle haven. Get your plans together for your next Central Europe Motorcycle Vacation; rental bikes are already getting sold
out around the Alps for the early Summer. Contact us for all your needs with rental motorcycles or guided tours worldwide.

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Sincerely, Uwe Diemer and his AdMo team!
Rent a motorcycle in Sardinia!
Mediterranean climate, sandy beaches, hills and idyllic mountain villages. Sardinia is always worth a visit. Now you can select a motorcycle rental at either of our two locations: Olbia and Sassari. BMW, Ducati, and Moto Guzzi are available.
Pure Andalusia!
A guided adventure motorcycle tour that takes you into the traditional Andalusia back-country. Unique landscapes, incredible stretch of curvy roads and endless riding pleasure is waiting for you.
Next Tour date: June 06-13, 2015.
Motorcycle rental in Prague, Czech Republic!
Discover Eastern Europe’s historical towns and the beautiful nature of Central Bohemia. Our partner in Prague offers several Honda models to choose from. The minimum age for renting those motorcycles is 21 years and you should have at least 2 years of riding experience.
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