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July 2015

Why rent a motorcycle?
You dream of riding one, but, don’t own a motorcycle? Okay, that is an obvious reason to rent a bike. Why would you rent, when you have your own bike? Are you planning a vacation to far away destinations? Are you stationed to work away from home? Perhaps, you are curious how another bike performs or you would like to test ride before you buy another model. Maybe, you have some friends coming to town and want to arrange a ride for them. Are you planning to visit a biker fest
but don’t know how to make it in time? Simple..... just rent a bike locally! Don't pay for the troublesome shipping. For those of us, riding only a few times a year, it makes sense to rent
instead of owning a bike. It's easier than ever, to rent quality motorcycles in most major cities.
Save yourself the hassle of expensive maintenance and insurance for a toy which will only collect dust and take up valuable garage space.

AdMo has helped thousands of people find their dream bike at global destinations.
Call (+1-760-249-1105) or email us @

We are happy to assist.

Sincerely, Uwe Diemer and his AdMo team!
New Rental Partner in Perth, Australia!
Explore Down Under by renting a BMW, Harley Davidson or Honda Motorcycle in Perth. Rates include unlimited mileage, collision damage waiver, theft insurance, side cases, top case and tank bag.
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Rental station at Chicago Airport, USA!
The Route 66 now starts for you near Chicago’s Airport. No need to spend more precious travel time getting to the rental station. The new location is just 10 minutes from the O'Hare International Airport and offers you BMW, Harley Davidson, Honda, Indian and Triumph motorcycle rentals.
Look for the Villa Park Station >>>
Ride the French Riviera!
In addition, to local stations in Nice and Menton, rental bikes are now delivered to Marseille and Cannes in France. Beautiful Mediterranean Coast and Western Alps rides are waiting for you to cruise on a BMW, Ducati, Harley Davidson or MV Augusta.
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