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October 2015

Fall is in its fullest...
and for many of us it is time to find a corner in the garage where we can hibernate our motorcycle. The arrival of cold winter weather doesn’t mean the desire of riding goes away. It simply seems crazy to ride in the ice and snow. Some of us add grip heaters and heavier insulated gear, a little common sense, and minor changes in riding style, in order to carry on having fun through any weather. It might not be your thing (I can’t blame you), and therefore our AdMo Team can recommend some great motorcycle tours throughout warmer-weather destinations.

On the other hand, I encourage you to try it! Invest in insulated gear, prep a light dual sport bike and get your riding fix on those sunny winter days. You might consider some dirt bike training to develop your feel for the demanding conditions. Once you become more comfortable with the lack of traction and understand the effects of throttle control (as well as the importance of your body position), you will relax and get a unique and increased fun factor while riding year-round.

Send us an email and we will be happy to assist you with your next motorcycle adventure:

Sincerely, Uwe Diemer and his AdMo team!
Dirt Bike Tours & Training in SoCal!
Enjoy some moderate sunny winter days on a dirt bike. AdMo offers multi-level training and guided tours in the southwestern deserts near Los Angeles and Las Vegas, as well as some unforgettable Baja California off-road motorcycle adventures. Get your winter fix.
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Motorcycle Rentals in the Southern Hemisphere!
Destinations like Chile, Argentina, South Africa or New Zealand, are extremely popular for the upcoming winter months, but be aware that many rental stations are already completely booked through the end of the year. Click through a map of global destinations to select your dream ride from over 400 rental motorcycles in 42 countries!
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UK rentals!
(reserve in advance – spring is coming sooner as we think)

We have a new rental partner in London, a great hub for your trip to Isle of Man or another adventure. Sit back and relax, reserve a rental motorcycle for your 2016 Europe trip now while you have the freedom to select from a great availability.
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