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February 2015

Motorcycle fascination!
There is something about motorcycling that gets your blood vibrating. For many of us it is a fascination that can hardly be described. Some might like the feeling of being a rebel in leathers, enjoying the camaraderie; others might like the speed, the acceleration, the control of this powerful machine; and many like the freedom to adventure, to glide through nature, explore the unknown. No matter what it is, when you hit this starter button, your heart starts pumping, you feel alive; and all your senses are alert while controlling the physics. No matter if you dream of traveling the Alps on a Harley or riding the remote lands of the Mayas or do an individual self-guided adventure along the Mediterranean Sea, at AdMo-Tours we have something for any motorcycle enthusiast.

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Harley Alps Tour!
Imagine riding some of the highest paved roads of the Alps, crossing more than 13 major passes throughout 5 central European countries on a Harley Davidson. Experience the breathtaking scenery of the Dolomites, ride the Swiss Alps, and cruise along the German Alpine Road. Tour date: Aug 2 14, 2015.
Central America Adventure!
This adventure tour takes you through Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras. Crater lake Coatepeque or the beautiful Mayan ruins in Copán are just some of the highlights of this tour.
Rental motorcycles in Nice!
Nice is a popular destination for all seasons. Our rental partner in Nice offers many different models to rent, like BMW, Ducati, Harley and Suzuki.
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