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June 2015

Ride it your way!
There is always a ride waiting for you. For more than 15 years, AdMo-Tours has brought
thousands of people together from around the globe to enjoy riding. We give you the opportunity to try a different ride each time. Not only will you find a worldwide variety of different motorcycle models to rent, you may also select from our guided tours, which include adventure, off-road, and street excursions. Your individual needs are our aspiration, and rather than offer you rides for your budget, we offer you rides for your mood. We bring a smile to anyone on two wheels, whether you are trying a dirt bike for a day, exploring some unique culture, or riding the best roads our world has to offer.

Don’t hesitate! Send us an email to let us know how we can fulfill your motorcycle vacation dream:

Sincerely, Uwe Diemer and his AdMo team!
Pure Fun, Las Vegas!
Get out of Sin City and explore the wild with a day trip on a dirt bike. This day ride takes you on single trails through breathtaking scenery. Bring your family, no driver’s license required on some routes.
Motorcycle rental in Bangkok, Thailand!
Fuel your wanderlust to explore the world on two wheels with our latest addition of rental motorcycles in Thailand. Our partner station is located in Bangkok and offers Ducati, Honda, Kawasaki and Yamaha motorcycle for rent. The minimum age for renting those motorcycles is 25 years.
Nature's Giants, Sequoia!
Join us to ride along the most massive trees in the world. We have the right dual sport bike for you to experience this beautiful landscape of the western slopes of the Sierra Nevada in California. This is a dirt bikers dream with some trails like you would only expect in Colorado.
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